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Benefits to working out with Kettlebells

There are many benefits to working out with Kettlebells, which is why I choose to incorporate Kettlebells in my group classes and personal training. Here are some reasons why I promote the use of them:

Kettlebell workouts allow you to move in different planes instead of just going up and down. You can move side to side and in and out, which makes the workout so much more effective compared to traditional weights (i.e. barbells or dumbbells). Kettlebell training will help you work pretty much every muscle in your body to achieve your Phirm Physique. As you work with an increased range of movement you also get a flexibility workout. It can more effective than just cardio workouts because Kettlebell training combines both weight training with cardio. Additionally, it makes you use more of your stabilizer muscles than traditional weight training, which translates into an increased calorie burn and a great workout for your core. By increasing the weight or intensity, it can be a hard cardio workout and consequently, will increase your endurance. For me personally, I think it is more fun than the typical forms of cardio like running, swimming, etc.

Although, great for both men and for women, the basic Kettlebell exercises work women’s typical problem areas…our legs, butt, abs and hips. You’ll burn a tremendous amount of calories, which is why it’s great for weight loss while improving your fitness level and coordination. Come join my group classes so that I can teach you the right way to train with Kettlebells.


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